Specifications Cubico XL

Cubico XL


  • Specifications
    • Height 120 cm
      Width 70 cm
      Depth 20 cm
      Weight 50 kg
      Material body   Brushed stainless steel.
      Material housing   Powdercoated steel.
      Material burner   Brushed stainless steel.
      Material cover   Brushed stainless steel.
      Details burner   Removable, capacity 
      2 litres, burning time 
      6-8 hours.
      Note: Cubico ST, XT and DT excluding fire resistant back. Cubico XT includes a granite base. Cubico BL, XL and DL including fire resistant back.
  • Dimensions
    • Cubico XL
  • Available colors
    • Cubico XL